Membership - General Information

Membership - General Information

Volunteers are ALWAYS needed

Endwell Fire is always in search of new members. For those not interested in firefighting, we also have an auxiliary membership class to support our efforts and provide other forms of support to our organization.

If you meet the following criteria...

  • Must be a resident of the Endwell Fire District or live no further than 2 driving miles distance from the boundary of the fire district
  • Must be at least 16 years old (16 & 17 year-olds require parental permission)
  • You must agree to a background and arson history check
  • You must have a medical exam

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The volunteer fire service has a long tradition of helping others in their own communities. We invite Endwell residents to join us to continue this fine tradition by joining. There are many benefits to being a member, but most of all you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping your community .

If you have an interest in helping your community, learning some new skills for employment or becoming part of a community organization maybe the volunteer fire service is for you.

Endwell Fire provides a wide variety of services to the community - firefighting, rescue, water rescue, rope rescue, traffic control, assistance with community events such as parades.

While interior firefighters are certainly our greatest need, volunteers are needed for a wide variety of tasks at Endwell Fire:

  • Fire Police to provide traffic and crowd control at accidents and other emergencies
  • Drivers and pump operators are essential to all emergency operations
  • Support personnel are needed at the scene to move hoses, get equipment, and many other tasks
  • People are also needed to teach fire prevention, do maintenance and cleaning of trucks, clean and make repairs at our fire stations and many other tasks
  • If you have some time there is very likely a job for you with the Endwell Fire Organization.

And while putting out fires is important, volunteer firefighters do that and dozens of other jobs in their communities.


Starting with 2007, all volunteer firefighters who actively respond to calls throughout the year can take a refundable $200 tax credit on their New York state income taxes.


Volunteer firefighters receive free training in firefighting, incident command, hazardous materials, emergency medical training (EMS), and other topics. Many of these courses can assist you in new career opportunities in either the government or the private sector. The training volunteer firefighters receive can be a springboard to careers as firefighters, emergency services dispatchers, law enforcement officers, security, careers involving hazardous materials, fire prevention and fire safety, etc. Those with EMS experience often go on to careers as paid EMTs or paramedics, nurses, and other health care related careers. If you are thinking about a career in any of these areas this is a chance to "try out" a career and gain valuable experience for your resume.


If you are looking for money to attend college there are a number of scholarships available to volunteer fire and EMS volunteers.


The volunteer fire service gives you the opportunity to work alongside a variety of people in your community. Most fire companies have a number of social events throughout the years- award dinners, holiday parties, family picnics, etc. where you get a chance to become acquainted with other members and their families. This is not only a great way to meet others in your community but to meet and establish relationships with people in a variety of roles in the community.

Membership - Benefits


All volunteer firefighters are covered by the Volunteer Fireman's Benefit Law which provides coverage similar to worker's compensation to provide medical care and cover lost wages in the event you are injured in the line of duty.

As a volunteer firefighter you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn new skills. Leadership, a sense of responsibility, team work and self-confidence are important skills which can be learned through your fire company service. These skills are valuable both on and off the fireground!

The fire company also sponsors several social events including an annual dinner dance, family picnic, Christmas party, clambake and other events for company members. Members are encouraged to not only participate in these activities but to work on committees to organize and plan them.

Incentive Program

The Endwell Fire Department also provides incentive items to members who dedicate over 100 hours of service in a 6-month period. By answering alarms, attending training sessions, attending meetings, and doing service activities (such as truck and station maintenance, fire prevention and preplanning activities). Points are earned which can be used to obtain shirts, jackets and other items.

The fire company also has an incentive program for all members who celebrate 5 years (or multiples of 5 years of service) ; members are awarded monetary amounts to spend on "firematic" items.

Membership Process

  • You must submit an application to the fire company.
  • Your application will be presented to the membership at the next monthly meeting of the Fire Company (2nd Saturday of each month).
  • The membership committee will contact you to come in for an interview.
  • Your name will be submitted to the Sheriff's Department for a background check.
    Note: New York State Law prohibits anyone convicted of arson from being a member of a fire company.
  • The membership will vote on your application for membership at the next monthly meeting.

Once accepted you will be required to attend a 14-week recruit class where you will learn the basics of firefighting. At the completion of the training period, you will participate in a live burn training exercise. Upon successful completion of training you will be able to respond to calls as a firefighter.

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