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The Endwell Fire Organization

The Endwell Fire Organization is located in the community of Endwell, New York, in Broome County and the Town of Union. It is about 10 miles west of Binghamton, just off of New York State Route 17 at Exit 69. This is primarily a suburban community with some businesses and industries located between the villages of Endicott and Johnson City. Our organization is actually made up of three separate, yet related organizations; a fire district, a fire company, and the fire department.

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Endwell Fire District

Endwell is a fire district organized under New York State Law. A five member Board of Fire Commissioners is elected by the voters of the Fire District to staggered 5 year terms. They serve without pay and are responsible for setting the budget, the tax rate and making decisions on purchasing and district policy.

O. L. Davis Fire Company

The members of the O. L. Davis Fire Company are the volunteer firefighters who respond to the calls for the Endwell Fire Department. Established in 1921, the fire company has long standing tradition of service to the community. The fire company has its own officers and raises its own funds for the benefit of the firefighters.

Endwell Fire Department

The volunteer firefighters from the O. L. Davis fire company using trucks and equipment provided by the Endwell Fire District together form the Endwell Fire Department. They serve the 12,000 residents of Endwell over a 7 square mile area responding from three stations - #1 on Country Club Road (central), #2 at Davis Ave. (south side) and #3 on Chrysler Road (north side).

The department not only responds to fires and rescues, but to all motor vehicle accidents with injuries, carbon monoxide detector activations, rescues, and a variety of other calls. The department also provides mutual aid to the surrounding fire departments. The department does not have a med team but does respond to EMS calls when requested by Union Volunteer Emergency Squad, the primary ambulance and EMS provider in the Town of Union. The department also responds to water and ice rescue calls and has a low angle rescue team.

As the development of our Fire District continues and our population in Endwell (both daily visitors and residents) continues to grow, our call volumes increase each year. Another contributor to our increasing call volume is our participation in the Engine 98 program. In January of 2006, members of seven western Broome Fire departments began pooling their manpower during daytime hours to assist each other in responding to calls. East Maine, Endicott, Endwell, Maine, Union Center, West Corners, and West Endicott provide manpower to the engine company which will have an on-duty crew made up of personnel from different departments. The responding engine will be housed at different fire stations from the participating fire departments on a rotating basis. During day time hours most volunteer fire departments have a limited number of personnel available. By pooling manpower and having an on-duty, joint crew, responses to daytime calls have been greatly improved for all participating departments.

Calls are dispatched by Broome County Communications Center which has a state-of-the-art communications center with Enhanced 911 and Computer-Aided-Dispatch.

Through an election process held each year, the members of the fire company elect the department officers from a list of qualified and interested candidates.

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