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Chimney Fire - Groveland Ave.


Truck or Treat

House Fire Farm To Market Rd.


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January Webisode | Carbon Monoxide

This month we're talking about Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Monoxide detectors! CO is an invisible and dangerous gas you need to be aware of!

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Interested in being a volunteer firefighter and live near Endwell?

We are now accepting firefighters who live within two driving miles of the Endwell fire district. If you live in the Village of Endicott, Fairmont Park, Westover or other areas within 2 driving miles of Endwell you can join the fire company as a firefighter. For information go to our membership page and download an application.

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About Organization


Our organization is made up of three separate, yet related organizations; a fire district, a fire company, and the fire department.



Up to date apparatus and equipment that is being used to fight fires and save lives.

Join Us

Join Us

The volunteer fire service has a long tradition of helping others in their own communities.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The best outcomes from an accident or incident are achieved by preventing and accident or incident.

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The Endwell Fire Organization

Established in 1921, the fire company has long standing tradition of service to the community.

The Endwell Fire Organization is located in the community of Endwell, New York, in Broome County and the Town of Union. It is about 10 miles west of Binghamton, just off of New York State Route 17 at Exit 69. This is primarily a suburban community with some businesses and industries located between the villages of Endicott and Johnson City. Our organization is actually made up of three separate, yet related organizations; a fire district, a fire company, and the fire department.

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